September Market Data

Generally after school starts we begin to see a gradual downward shift in Real Estate activity when it comes to our markets. This year seems to be the year to break all trends. We are not seeing a slow down, if anything we are seeing a real estate shortage and price increase.

The Greenville/Winterville market saw 
213 new listings with 199 sales in August, while only 133 new listings and 132 sales last month. Now with both areas you are looking at an average of 67 days on market, dependent upon sale price.


Sellers don’t fret, the average sales price is steadily increasing. Greenville is seeing an average of $183,400 and Winterville is seeing an average of $188,600. We only have 472 active listed homes in the Greenville & Winterville area combined.


So if you are considering selling, now is the time to give me a call.